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Episode: 39

Airdate: Aug 20, 2000  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]





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Furry Mad Libs

Starts at around 1:56:51 in the download.

Read by: Ezra

A Furry Soap Opera
When we last left our show, Shak was upset because Carrot was having a frigid love affair with Uncle Kage. To compound the story, Seal was secretly working as a chemist at night to try and support his addiction to fanboys. He's been blushing this addiction for nine and a half weeks. Little to be realized that his supervisor, Seaweed, was conspiring against him and trying to plex him out of his inheritance - a crotch cam and a secret bank account in Montana. Meanwhile, back in Moscow, Mutt was trying to find out why Timber has been going out with Bitch Voop for the last 77 months. In asking around, he masticated onto a secret plan where Ferret was trying to spelunk a Statue of Liberty with his cheeses in an attempt to take over his great-aunt's company, the Sneaking Wonkelrotary Engine Corporation. What he did not know was Java Frog was a mid-level supervisor in the nuclear waste management department, and he was a googly agent for the government. He was heaving a top-secret project where nipple rings were being used for extrapolating gourmet sauces into powerful inflatable love dolls. However, mid-level technician, Dracolan, has accidentally spilled motor oil into the Quicktime Harch Chamber. This was causing a throbbing reaction in the system. Please tune in next week, when Skippages will tell Chilly that he's really a floofy mortician in the coast guard.

Magic 8-Ball

Starts at around 2:08:47 in the download. Mutt and Ezra asked the audience for questions to ask the Magic 8-Ball.

Will Uncle Kage ever have his own HBO special?
Most likely.

Will there be punch and pie at Furloween?
Cannot predict now.

Is Raini cute?
As I see it, yes.

Will Seaweed have her fursuit done in time for Furloween?
It is uncertain.

Will Mach ever race in the Olympics?
Ask again later.

Will there be a call-in?

"Last Words" (and Actions)