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Episode: 706

Airdate: Apr 10, 2016  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

The Funday Poinkless Show




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Celebrity Birthday Game

Starts at around 2:02:09 in the download. The audience had to guess how old each celebrity was turning for the week of the show's airing.

No longer with us

Who Wants to Win Nothing and Like It?

Starts at around 3:23:07 in the download. A Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-type game, except the contestant doesn't win a thing.

Contestant: Stardust Raccoon
The answers the contestant selected are in bold.

Question 1:
In Star Wars: A New Hope, how many X-Wings survived the assault on the Death Star?

Question 2:
In Wing Commander 3 and the four video games, who filled the role of Tolwyn?

Question 3:
In the UK comedy series Red Dwarf, which of the following is not an original member of the crew?

Question 4:
Since August 20, 2007, 15 items have been discovered on the shores of the Salish Sea in British Columbia, Canada and Washington. What are they?

Question 5:
What was Immortan Joe's son, Rictus's, full name?

Question 6:
When is the first time we saw a Grand Admiral in the Star Wars films?

"Last Words" (and Actions)