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Episode: 709

Airdate: May 08, 2016  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Two Bears for the Price of One!



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Pawpet Match Game

Starts at around 1:32:34 in the download.

Question 1:
There's a new soap opera starring Yappy Fox called “The Young and the Sexless”.

Question 2:
King Arthur said “I better start looking for a new job - my dragon just farted on King Arthur.”

Question 3:
Brenda said to her son, “It's not true that I wanted a daughter instead of you. Now shut up and put on your tu-tu.”

Question 4:
Did you hear that Weird Willy was thrown out of the department store? They caught him fucking the mannequins.

Question 5:
Dr. Frankenstein said, “My new monster walks funny, because when I sent Igor to get a pair of legs, that idiot brought back a pair of legs from a cow.”

Question 6:
When the airline pilot died, his soul went to heaven, but his luggage was diverted to New Jersey.

Which Came First?

Starts at around 2:57:20 in the download.

Question 1:
Clairol hair color: 1931
Prell shampoo: 1947

Question 2:
Colgate: 1873
Listerine: 1879

Question 3:
Saran wrap: 1949
Reynolds wrap: 1947

Question 4:
Bisquick: 1930
Mrs. Butterworth's: 1961

Question 5:
Cap'n Crunch: 1963
Trix: 1954

Question 6:
Skippy peanut butter: 1933
Welch's grape jelly: 1923

Question 7:
Mr. Clean: 1958
Pine-Sol: 1929

Question 8:
Maxwell House: 1886
Lipton tea: 1890
NOTE: the answer to this question was disputed in channel.

Question 9:
Hormel chili: 1936
Dinty Moore: 1935

Question 10:
Raid: 1956
Black Flag: 1883

Question 11:
Rayovac: 1906
Duracell: 1964

Question 12:
Ritz: 1934
Triscuit: 1903

Question 13:
Luvs: 1976
Huggies: 1978

Question 14:
Charmin: 1928
Cottonelle: 1972

Question 15:
Right Guard: 1961
Secret: 1956

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