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Pawpet Broadcasting Network

The “Pawpet Broadcasting Network” began as a parody/protest on the “SOPA” initiative with Episode 531.

During the course of the episode, the cast/crew acts out several different “themed” shows: E.g. “eastern german”, “metrosex in the city”.

The next episode planned to have this format was episode 574 but shortly before the episode airing on January 6th 2013, Kuddlepup tweeted that the episode has to be postponed.


There is no fixed scheduled for the next Pawpet Broadcasting Network show, only the idea of doing it as a first show in the new year.


For the Pawpet Broadcasting Network shows, Yappy Fox accepts viewer made video submissions (i.e. NO copyrighted material besides the usual licensed music) that are longer than the usual three minute limit.

Recurring segments

Other uses

The fan and furry made entertainment block around the Funday Pawpet Show is sometimes1) referred to as “PBN” as well. These shows include “The Rabbit Hole”, “OH Pawpets”, “Radio Unifurse” and of course the show that started it all: “Rapid T. Rabbit”.