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Show Activities

The Funday Pawpet Show is an interactive variety show, that is, a program that allows the viewers to participate in real-time through various mediums. FPS has multiple methods for the viewers to interact. Besides having a chat room for viewers to log on and interact, the show has various segments that showcase viewer talent as well as encourage viewer participation.

Paw Tweets

Paw Tweets are one or two-line messages sent in via the website that are normally read in the last hour of the show. Most Paw Tweets are general in nature, usually to wish a friend a happy birthday or just to say hello to the audience.

Picture Captions

Picture Captions are quotes from the audience relating to a picture specified by one or more of the show's cast members. The picture is normally chosen during the first hour of the show from varying sources, usually from an Internet search. The captions are submitted via the website and then read aloud alongside the image in the last hour of the show, followed by audience shout-outs.

See also: Photo Caption


Sometimes the cast will sing their very own birthday song to audience members whose birthday falls within the month.

See also: Birthday Calendar

Art Jams

Art Jams are pieces of art shown in the last hour of the show done by the artist-fans of the show. The artwork usually relates to some theme of that night's show.

See also: Art Jams.

Q & A with the show's guest

Guests may be asked to participate in a question and answer session with both the cast members and audience. The cast members will ask various questions of the guests, then turn to the audience for further questions. The tables are then turned and the guest is then allowed to ask the Magic 8-Ball a question.

Subservient Suiter

Subservient Suiter is a segment of the show where a suiting guest of the show drops by and performs for a segment of the show. During this segment, the audience is asked to provide actions for a cast member to call out to the 'subservient' suiter.

If the suiter has made a repeat appearance on the show, they may be asked to do a 'double-dare', that is perform two of the suggested actions at once.

The subservient suiter segment stems from Burger King's “Subservient Chicken” advertisement and website. The site visitor could dictate the action of the suiter via a set of commands.

See also: Episode Guide & Calendar.

Spits or Swallows

Spits or Swallows is a segment where the cast members all sample random food items that a viewer has sent in for taste testing. The cast member is then asked “Spits or swallows?”, indicating if they would spit it out because they do not like it, or swallow it if they enjoyed it. The original name for the segment was supposed to be “Put THIS in your mouth!” but Kuddlepup suggested the - not any less innuendo filled - current name.

Are you smarter than KP?

…is a semi-regular game segment, introduced in episode 5341) that has people - usually the guests of the week - competing against Kuddlepup. The game is arranged as a series of trivia questions that have a unique, numeric answer. The questions are asked by the host (typically Mutt) and each player writes down their answer. After all the questions (typically 10) are asked, the answers are compared. If a player hits the answer square on, the player is awarded two points. If nobody has the exact answer, whoever is closest gets one point (including several one points for equally “wrong” guesses). In case of a tie, an additional tie braker question is asked.

Submitting questions

Questions are sent to the host during the show, using the IRC channel. To avoid any peeking by the players, questions have to be sent to Mutt via personal messages. Type “/msg Mutt this is my question (answer is ##)” to message Mutt, who is also frequently in channel as “Backstage” and will announce the start/end and nickname of the question drop off on the air.


A cast member selects two musical numbers. Typically it is done Yappy Fox, although there's been a tuninator crafted by JackRabbit as well.

The selection rule for the tunes is that the same band or performer and both songs had to have made it onto the Top 40 singles chart (U.S.) at some point.

As the songs are played, the channel audience can terminate one of the songs early (“kill”), but has to endure the other in its entirety. Killing is done by typing out the correctly spelled full name of the artist and the song in the channel.

As the audience has no idea what the second song will be, killing the first one is a game of chance… will the second song be better than the first one? Or - more often - be worse?

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