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Video Submissions

Guidelines for submitting video for FPS

Tag Your File

All music must be credited with Song Title, Artist and Album. This must be credited on screen or included via a voice credit or by submitting the full info to us with the submission. If you are submitting a video, include credits in the video or include a raw text file of the same name as the video with full credits to include performers, the puppeteer names, the production name, the song title, song artist and album name. Without this information, we will not air the video for licensing reasons. For example, if you upload, you should also upload myvideo.txt, and that file should look like:

My video Puppet: Fred and Bob Performed by: Bill and Ted Production: PawPets something Song: Sunshine, Lollipops Artist: Leslie Gore Album: Greatest Hits

Video Formats We Will Run

Working Codecs

Video Formats We Will Not Run

Broken Codecs

Sending Your Video

BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR VIDEO UPLOADED TWO HOURS BEFORE THE SHOW STARTS (approximately by 3:00pm EST). Anything sent after that time will get put in queue for the following week, since it will not have time to get screened.

Upload A Video

Frequent Video Participants

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