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Deletions or Renames

Why is this page here?

See the Removing Articles section in the Style Guide for an explanation.

How does the discussion work?

When you come across a page that you think should be renamed, moved or deleted you can add a new entry below. Note that the moderators will un-do all page renames or removals that did not go through a discussion first1)! Also, be sure to put a note into the page in question. You can use this text here as a template to insert at the beginning of the page in question:

 This page is currently discussed on [[wiki:Deletions or Renames]].

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List of pages currently discussed

Sample Page

Mar. 7, 2009

Sample Page needs to be renamed/removed/moved becuase…!


Mar. 16, 1013

Herbie needs to be renamed (or perhaps somehow redirected) because Herbie is the correct link. I wanted to just retroactively change all Herbie links to the correct link, but I can't find a way to do that. If there is a way to do this automatically, a lot of redlinks on this wiki could be repaired.

— This is something that needs a general overhaul. Editing the wiki is much easier if the page names (links) are just the regular name and not the full name. It should be unique enough on this wiki and people would probably search for the short names anyway. Page titles can still show the full names anyhow. With the main exception of yappy fox and herbie hamill almost every cast or character page is created by “callsign” or “nickname” only. The “herbie” mixup happend because when I started filling the episode pages, even I didn't realize that there already was a page for him until it was about 50% of the episodes done wrong. If something changes, I vote for shorter names in links - Atkelar

Yappy of course has the righter way here