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Episode Page Guidelines

After writing up well over 500 episode pages and brushing up the remaining ones I (Atkelar) thought it was time to put up a description of how I chose what to put in them and why - so others could expand on the pages without causing too much formatting errors. During a recent restructuring, Yappy Fox has moved the episode pages into a namespace. The links now should read :episodes:episode_xxx - e.g. :episodes:episode_123 to link to Episode 123 - also, the wiki's last update causes the page title to be displayed instead of the page's name. So instead of listing Episode 123, the new version will show episode_123 which still can be overridden using the pipe-syntax.

The title

Since the episodes don't have any official title, some funny tagline fitting in with either a major event during the show or a distinguishable theme throughout the show gets chosen.

First pick: if the IRC channel during the show comes up with something (fitting the PG-rating!). Second pick: theme or running gag throughout the show. Third pick: biggest highlight.

If all three choices fail, the episode title is set to TBD1)


The searchable text version of Garrison Skunk's quotes were remoed during a wiki cleanup, as were the links to them.

Overview section

Right under the title/quotes link there is a section of text with general episode notes. General information about the show - like missing cast or staff members - are mentioned here. In general any information that would not fit the “show highlight” title goes here as a paragraph.

Section overview

The main sections and the order in which they appear are:

All character names, episode references or similar cross reference items have to be linked. Note that Wikipedia only requires the “first occurance” of a word to be linked, FPS wiki doesn't have nearly enough links to warrant that. It is deemed better to be able to click wherever you are reading at the moment without having to look for the first use of the word.

To Be Defined - which currently causes the episode list to display a “topic not found” style link
some older pages still show the text “none was announced” which should be removed during edits