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-====== Guide: Tips and Tricks to Viewing the Funday Pawpet Show ====== 
-===== During the show ===== 
-  * For unlimited/​high-speed Internet users, use the main stream at http://​furstre.am/​stream/​FundayPawpet 
-  * For slow/​limited data cap Internet users, use the low bitrate stream at https://​furstre.am/​stream/​FundayPawpet-lbr 
-In addition to streaming the show on a PC, the show can also be streamed on a smartphone or tablet, and can even be streamed on a Wii U or New Nintendo 3DS system.\\ 
-//**NOTE:** We recommend that you install Adobe Flash Player in order to watch the show using Firefox.// 
-===== The download ===== 
-**On a PC:** 
-  - Hover over the "​Download"​ link for the relevant episode you want to save. 
-  - Right-click on the link. 
-  - Click on "Save link as" from the menu. 
-  - Choose where on your PC you want to save the episode. 
-  - Once saved, double-click on the icon. 
-  - Enjoy! 
-**On a PlayStation 3 system:** 
-  - Open the web browser. This is located under the "​Network"​ section of the Xross Media Bar (XMB). 
-  - Move the cursor using the left analog stick to the "​Download"​ link for the relevant episode you want to save. 
-  - Press the X button. A list of save locations will show up. Choose the location (system memory, external USB disk, memory card) you want to save the episode onto. 
-  - Once saved, go to the "​Video"​ section of the XMB, then scroll down until you see the episode. 
-  - Enjoy! 
-**On a Nintendo Wii U or New Nintendo 3DS system:** 
-  - Although the Wii U and New Nintendo 3DS do not support downloading video files, you can still view the download within the browser by tapping the "​Download"​ link for the relevant episode you want to view on the GamePad screen (Wii U) or lower screen (New Nintendo 3DS).